Dan Olner:

Programmer viz maker geographer amateur economist climate obsessive & seeker of the perfect planning / chaos balance.

Researcher at Sheffield University’s Methods Institute, formerly with the Urban Big Data Centre, now with the Understanding Inequalities project.

danolner at gmail dot com. Twitter.

Recent(ish) stuff:

Other stuff:

  • Currently working on social frontier analysis using amazing Dutch data with colleagues at TU Delft, as well as helping to work out what social frontiers look extreme in cities, what should be expected.
  • PhD: “an agent-based modelling approach to spatial economic theory.” Had some lovely interactive economic models I should have caught on youtube.
  • Did a national survey analysis project for Good Things Foundation, Sheffield.
  • Sometimes do data for good things in Sheffield.

Extremely other stuff:

  • Made a motion detection system for turning people into monsters. Example here, code here. Went down well at party.
  • Pub crawl optimiser. Because the power of spatial analysis should be used for good. (Actually, was to illustrate the awesomeness of R spatial analysis to the Sheffield R Users’ group. It meets in the Red Deer pub, so seemed appropriate.)
  • Random walking across a bridge (while drunk, so possibly after using the pub crawl optimiser). A visualisation for showing how certain we can be about uncertainty.
  • Every London house price in 3D 1995-2016. Tracking up into the stratosphere of the highest prices.
  • That time I accidentally made some kind of life form while trying to make a spatial economic model. The little wiggle it does at ~8 seconds is particularly organic and predatory.
  • Correcting the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s front page temperature graph. Poor things, it’s almost as if they cherry-picked.
  • Occasional maker of hallucinogenic maps.

Some things from the coverinbees archive:

Am dreaming of:

  • How data and viz can help support institution / town / city / region level decarbonisation that meets the Tyndall targets adopted by Manchester and Sheffield. The slack community at climateaction.tech might be thinking about similar things.
  • Building an online MONIAC2 that shows clearly how macro works and why austerity is not only morally bankrupt but illogical. (Bit late now, mind.)
  • A white Christmas. (Obv.)