Honest words / creativity in academia

Title stolen from this song by King Creosote and Jon Hopkins Coveredinbees 1.0 came about after I’d found out I got PhD funding, back in April 2006. That version now exists only on the wayback machine, hit and miss on what posts it kept. 2.0 ended recently, archived as a a flat website by the awesome folks at webarchitects. 3.0 has moved to WordPress – and has been sitting here quietly judging me for four months. “Why aren’t you writing?” Looking back to 2006, those early posts are so uninhibited – not necessarily coherent, but I wasn’t afraid to wildly …


Coveredinbees has regenerated after the last incarnation suffered a mortal wound (um… developed fatal security flaws). The amazing folks at webarchitects have set up a fresh new WordPress install. They’ve also static’d the old site up for archive access – I’ll get round to indexing those here one day. It is a timely regeneration. There’s a lot going on. It’s a chance to reboot my brain, do some restating of assumptions. More to follow.